Michigan Vacant Land Loans and acreage Financing.

Buying vacant land in Michigan can be difficult if you do not know who to turn to for financing. Riverbank Finance offers mortgage options for all types of financing to purchase property in Michigan. We have several financing options for up to 80% of the land purchase price for vacant land.

For more information on Michigan Vacant Land Loans, call 800-555-2098 or apply online today!

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    About Michigan Vacant Land Loan

    Several banks and mortgage lenders these days do not offer loans on unimproved land or raw land as it has become more risky for investors. If a borrower is not able to afford the payments and the bank must foreclose, it may be harder for the bank to sell the land because less people are buying land to build homes.

    Since Vacant land or raw land comes in different forms we understand that people will use their property for different uses. Riverbank Finance LLC offers financing for lots of land which some may choose to use as a home site to build a new home while others may use the land for recreation such as agriculture property, fishing or hunting land.

    Vacant Land Loan Financing Terms

    We offer several mortgage options for Michigan Vacant Land Loans. There are long term financing options available with 30 year fixed rates land loans. To get pre-approved for financing call us at 800-555-2098 or Apply Online today!

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    Michigan Vacant Land Loan Option

    • Vacant Land loans
    • Construction land loans
    • Farm Land Loans
    • Subdivision land loan for builders
    • Agriculture property loans
    • Mobile Home Loans
    • Hunting Land Loans

    Construction loans are still available for construction of your new home. We offer Construction to perm. loans so you do not need to pay the costs of closing twice. Most construction loans require an initial loan and an end cap loan for permanent financing. Our construction program is one loan with a one time closing.

    Vacant land loan mortgage rates

    We offer several mortgage options for Michigan Land Loans with low down payments. There are long term financing options available with 30 year fixed rates land loans. Call Riverbank Finance today to discuss your options for Vacant land loans in Michigan at 1-800-555-2098 or Apply Online for more information!

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