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Stacy Palmer Mortgage Loan Officer at Riverbank Finance LLC

“A true friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else.” – Len Wein

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Stacy Palmer

Stacy Palmer

Mortgage Loan Officer

I have 20 years combined sales and manufacturing work experience. Feeling unfulfilled with my career I started searching for something long term in sales that would grab my heart. Finding the mortgage and home financing business has been amazing. I love that I can positively effect myself, my career and each and every person I come in contact with. I have the pleasure of being an Assistant and a Mortgage Loan Originator for the office. I love the communication I have with my clients. I dedicate myself to making sure they have the best program that fits their needs and helping them along every step of the mortgage process.

I was born in Grand Rapids area, lived in the Upper Peninsula for several years and found my way back to the Caledonia area along with my husband Josh, our 2 daughters and my 3 sons. I love to travel and cherish the memories I can make with my children. I look forward to helping you find home and creating memories that last a lifetime.

NMLS: 1577795

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