Use Tax Refund to Buy a Home

If you have a goal of becoming a home owner, then now may be your opportunity. Using your tax refund for a down payment on a home is a great investment in your future.

Rent prices are soaring and finding affordable rentals is not easy. Buying a home may save you a considerable amount of money over time compared to renting.

Should I Rent or Buy?

Buying a home is a big decision to consider. While there are pros and cons of each, being a homeowner has proven to be the American Dream. Being able to paint the walls the color you want, turn up the tunes and own pets may be enough for you to be a home owner.

Reasons to Rent a Home

  • No Property Taxes
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • Easy to Move
  • Lower Utility Costs

Reasons to Buy a Home

  • Have the Pride of Home Ownership
  • Make the house the way you want it
  • Lock in a Housing Payment
  • Build Equity with Home Appreciation
  • Have Pets
  • Potential Tax Benefits

Low Down Payment Home Loans

With our low down payment home loans, even a small refund can be enough to help you become a home owner. Low down payment home loans include the following options:

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