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One of the biggest decisions if not the biggest decision you may ever make in your life is purchasing a home. With that said, there a few very important things you need to know before making what could be a huge financial, physical, and mental decision. Here are the Top Three Things you need to know when buying a home:

1) Don’t Buy if You Cannot Commit to Staying Long

If you do not want to stay in one place for a long period of time purchasing a home may not be the right decision for you at the moment. With high potential transaction costs of buying a home, moving can cause you to lose a substantial amount of money even if you sell it in the first couple of years in a market that is on the rise. If for some reason you need to resell your home right away you will be paying Realtor fees and transfer taxes out of pocket and will lose big time.

2) Repair or Strengthen Credit

Since many people usually need to get a mortgage to purchase a home, having good credit history can be very important. Make sure to get copies of your credit report and try to fix all of the credit problems that have been reported as soon as possible. Having your credit history as clean as possible can be extremely beneficial when buying your home.

Remember, the higher your credit, the lower your mortgage interest rate.

3) Focus On Homes That Are Affordable For You

It is typically known that you can comfortably own a home that is under three times your annual salary so any home that is priced as more may not be very affordable to you. On-line calculators can help and give you a big indicator of your housing price range and what you can comfortably afford.


When house hunting remember to consider these three things to help with the decision process and lead you in the right direction to find the home of your dreams! Call Riverbank Finance today at 800-555-2098 or request information below to get started:

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