Cash with bow around it as a gift.Are you ready for a change? Are you looking for a reason to refinance your home? Well below is a list of the Top Three Reasons why you should refinance.
As your income and lifestyle changes over time it is important to have a home loan that is consistent with your financial situation.

1. Refinance by Lowering Interest Rate

If your mortgage interest rate is higher than the current market interest rate it could cost you a ton of money. Assure that you are getting the lowest interest rate to save money and create a better financial situation and increase the comfort level for you and your family.

 2. Refinance by Removing Co-Signer

When first purchasing your home you might of needed a friend or family member to co-sign for you because of the strict mortgage underwriting procedures but if you have been making payments independently for a while then it may be time to remove that person from your mortgage. Thank that co-signer for the help, get a loan in your own name, and refinance because doing so can lead to a lower interest rate and lower payments on your mortgage, saving you a bunch of money.

3. Refinance if You Plan To Live In Home For a Long Period of Time

If you have been living in a home for a while and plan on staying there for several years, now could be a good time to reexamine your home loan to be sure that you are getting the lowest interest rate possible. Even if costs are higher it would be good to focus on getting the lowest interest rate, in the short run it may seem costly but in the long run you will save more money. With lower monthly payments you will have more cash available for you each month.

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