celebrate valentines day on a budget.

Valentines Day is right around the corner so we thought it would be fun to talk about our significant other and what we can do for them.  People have a love hate relationship with this holiday.  Some people simply call it a “Hallmark Holiday” where other fell it is an important day to reconnect with you sweet snukens.

If you are part of the crowd that wants this to be a special day with your sweetheart I have complied the best ever list of things you can do with your Valentine.  This list is for those who want to spend the least amount of money.  After all it is the thought that counts right?  Before I give you this list here are some stats that we Americans spend on this holiday, I’m sure they will be very surprising.  The National Retail Federation reports that men will spend an average of $168.74 on their valentine this year.  Combined we spend $17.6 billion on this holiday.  With this heft amount it is no wonder some call this the “Hallmark Holiday”.  But with out further ado here is the list

1.) Go crazy with the chick flicks– make some popcorn and watch all the movies the wife has been begging you to watch.  If you don’t want to watch look at the bright side at least you get done with al the movies in one night.

2.) First Date Re-Do – Try to think back all those years ago and make it special night for the other one.

 3.) Pack a lunch and go someplace ROMANTIC – Nothing gets the juices flowing like a nice romantic and cozy spot with a view.  Bring a warm blanket and make sure you can see the sunset.

4.) Plan a full day date – Hire a babysitter and taker the day off of work.  Nothing says I love you more then showing your significant other they mean more to you then work.

5.) Take her to the drive through movie- Remember no hanky-panicky in a public place haha.  This scene is sure to take you back to your yester years.

Have fun with your Valentines date this year!!!!!!!!!