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New MSHDA Grant | MSHDA Down Payment Assistance Flaws

  What everyone is referring to as the new MSHDA grant is not free money. Actually, it is not even a grant. It is a second mortgage that may be used in place of a down payment when buying a new home in the form of down payment assistance. Contrary to what most people assume,… Read more »


If you or someone you know has been feverishly looking for a home to purchase using the MSHDA Grant for first time home buyers then you luck may have run out.  MSHDA unexpectedly announce the exhaustion of grant funds for first time home buyers using the $3000 credit on Wednesday the 27th at 5:00PM.  Earlier… Read more »

MSHDA Grant Money Running Low

 MSHDA first time home buyer grant money is running low for those looking to purchase homes in Michigan.  With the program’s inception only a couple of months ago, funds are already running low for buyers purchases homes using the national mortgage settlement grant funds. The current balance as of March 19th, 2013 is at $4,771,560… Read more »

Michigan First Time Home Buyer Grant | Free $3000 MSHDA Credit for first time home buyers

**This program has expired – please visit No Down Payment Mortgage for other options.** Homebuyer Assistance and HARP Refinance Grant Programs Due to the National Mortgage Settlement, Michigan received $97.2 million for the purpose of creating the Homeowner Protection Fund and has created 2 new programs for the mortgage industry. 1. HOMEBUYER ASSISTANCE – $15 million… Read more »