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Breakdown Your Credit Score

Credit Score Breakdown

When buying a home, your credit score is an important factor in your home loan approval. It is important to know what is on your credit and what credit score you have when applying for a mortgage. While, the exact scoring models are proprietary and not released by the credit bureaus to the public, credit… Read more »

What’s the Deal with Credit Scores?

credit scores

The History of Credit Scores Credit reports and scores have played a large part in many Americans’ lives, but what do we really know about credit scores?  Before the use of credit scores, it was up to lenders to decide whether a person would be granted a loan.  This method was not always the best… Read more »


Mortgages have been a hot topic of conversation lately as rates continue to track lower and lower.  People continue to refinance their homes at unprecedented rates and new home sales are also starting to pick up.  People do not want to miss the golden opportunity which comes along with historically low rates.  The only problem… Read more »