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Citi Enters the Rental Business

The mega-bank Citi has announced plans to get into the rental business. The bank kicked off a great new program this past Wednesday to rent out 500 homes to homeowners who are having difficulty paying their mortgage. Instead of putting the loans into foreclosure and kicking the owners out, the homeowners may be offered the… Read more »

Foreclosures on the Rise

“Up, down and around we go. Where we stop, nobody knows!” Those are the exact thoughts so many American homeowners are experiencing right now. We are given reports and surveys from national agencies stating there is “hope on the horizon” for the housing market but yet what the latest report states would contradict that there… Read more »

Bank Settlement Becoming a Nightmare

Remember that massive $26 billion bank settlement that homeowners long rejoiced about?  The one that brought homeowners that were facing potential foreclosure a bit of salvation?  Yeah well it’s not quite what it’s cracked up to be. When the huge settlement between some of the nation’s largest banks was announced, people expected to receive major… Read more »

Second Wave of Foreclosures on the Way

Foreclosures have plagued the United States for the past few years and it seems that trend is set to continue.  Now even though the amount of foreclosures dropped 19% in January and another 8% in February, it’s expected that a massive increase in foreclosures is on the way.  Experts warn that the massive $26 billion… Read more »