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Tips for First Time Homebuyers

If you are a first time homebuyer, the process of buying a house can seem overwhelming and even complicated, however just like anything important in life, you must take the necessary steps to get through it. Here are some important steps to follow before and you buy your first home. Get your credit in order… Read more »

Michigan Home Prices Lowest in 10 Years

Our mitten state of Michigan has unfortunately been one of the hardest places hit when it comes to real estate woes.  Over the past decade, countless Michigan homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure.  While many others face the reality that the value of their home has been drastically reduced.  This is a double-sided event… Read more »

First Time Home Buyer Help

If you haven’t seen our previous blog posts regarding tips for first-time homebuyers, here’s what we have reviewed so far.  What house you can afford, selecting the right home, finding a real estate agent, loan pre-approval process and bidding on your first home. Be sure to visit all of those articles for some great tips… Read more »

National Housing Market Status

Home many times have you heard on the news or read in the paper of the past five years how the housing market is struggling?  How many times have you joked with friends and family about the market when inside you’ve though how dark of a time the market is in?  Now yes, the housing… Read more »

Pre-Approval Process to Buy a Home in Michigan

Previously we went over the process of picking the proper real-estate agent for your home hunting needs so the next step is to determine the best mortgage program.  Most people do not have thousands of dollars in savings to buy a home with cash so a mortgage will be necessary.  A statistic from the National… Read more »