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Buy a Home with No Closing Costs

Buy a Home with No Closing Costs An alarming number of first time homebuyers are unaware that mortgages involve closing costs, and which often creates a financial obstacle. Here, we’ll explain not only what closing costs are, but more importantly, how to avoid paying them! What are Closing Costs? Closing costs are additional fees a… Read more »


If you or someone you know has been feverishly looking for a home to purchase using the MSHDA Grant for first time home buyers then you luck may have run out.  MSHDA unexpectedly announce the exhaustion of grant funds for first time home buyers using the $3000 credit on Wednesday the 27th at 5:00PM.  Earlier… Read more »

Tips for Cheap Closing Costs for Buying a Home

Being a homeowner can be an expensive investment which is why it is so important to get cheap closing costs when buying a home.  With the current prices of homes in Michigan at the lowest points in years, many people are taking advantage of the economic downturn and becoming home owners. The price of the… Read more »