Record Low Fixed Rates

Homebuyers have enough to stress over with everything that comes along with home hunting.  Selecting a realtor, inspections, bidding and everything else that comes into play means even more to put onto your plate.  Luckily, there is some good news for those of you looking to buy a home.  Specifically if you select a 30-year… Read more »

Michigan FHA Streamline Refinance

Owing more on your mortgage than your house is worth is a common problem in Michigan.  After the economy took a downturn only a few years back, property values have plummeted.  The U.S. federal government has recently announced programs to help people refinance their mortgages that are owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  This… Read more »

Historic Mortgage Settlement Worth $26 Billion

Remember those huge bailouts that came from the government to help bailout the banks at the bottom of our recent economic downturn?  Well it seems another historic bailout is on its way.  This bailout aims to help one million American homeowners that are in desperate need of mortgage relief.  Who is this bailout coming from… Read more »

FHA Streamline Refinance no appraisal in Michigan

President Obama recently announced that a comprehensive package that will be placed which houses administrative actions and legislative proposals in order to help homeowners.  This is all in an attempt to support middle class families while also giving a boost to the economy.  We’ve got the facts regarding this housing market package in case you’re… Read more »

Obama’s Plan to Help Responsible Homeowners

The U.S. housing market has encountered its fair share of struggles over the past few years.  Luckily it seems things are beginning to turn around and hopefully President Obama’s plan will help boost the turn around time.  What exactly does the President have planned for our housing market and will it actually work?  Obama and… Read more »

International Housing Markets

One thing you never really think about are other housing markets.  By this I mean markets located throughout the world.  For the longest time the only market on everyone’s radar was of course the housing market in the United States.  As time progresses though, we begin to see news of other markets come to the… Read more »

First Time Home Buyer Help

If you haven’t seen our previous blog posts regarding tips for first-time homebuyers, here’s what we have reviewed so far.  What house you can afford, selecting the right home, finding a real estate agent, loan pre-approval process and bidding on your first home. Be sure to visit all of those articles for some great tips… Read more »

January 2012 Jobs Report

The butt of many jokes and a lot of stress in the recent past has been the economy and the unemployment rate.  It was feared we were beginning to slip in our own “great depression” for a moment there.  Good’ole American ingenuity pulled through though!  Now yes we’re still in a slump when you compare… Read more »