Farmland Value Sky Rocketing

What has been considered the “Back Bone of America,” ever since the United States was founded?  That would be agriculture.  Sure we had a big industrial boom and have created some amazing products over the years but there is one thing that has remained.  That would be the farms and the people behind them bringing… Read more »

Best Neighborhoods for Real Estate in Grand Rapids

It’s great to hear that the housing market is slowly improving but what are you going to believe more; what you hear or what you see?  Most people would say that they would like to see actual changes occur like the price of their property improve and to see their real estate actually sell.  Well… Read more »

Doomsday Bunkers A HOT Commodity

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for almost the past four years, then I’m sure you have heard about the superstitions of the impending “doom” lurking over our heads.  There are several reasons out there that have brought these beliefs into people’s minds.  Some of the reasons come from an ancient Mayan calendar, solar… Read more »

FHA Streamline Refinance Premiums Dropping

There was a bit of speculation recently after an announcement from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) stated their insurance premiums would be rising.  The speculation was that premiums regarding the FHA Streamline Refinance program would be dropping.  Well it seems that is the case.  Homeowners with mortgages backed by the FHA will now face premium… Read more »

Changes Coming to FHA Premiums

You know those nasty premiums that come along with mortgage loans?  Those ones that everyone hates to deal with.  Yeah, well I think you’re about to hate FHA (Federal Housing Administration) premiums even more.  FHA Acting Commissioner, Carol Galante, made an announcement regarding their current premium points.  It appears the “basis” points” will soon be… Read more »

Michigan Water Bills to Rise

What are the sheer necessities of life?  Many would consider them to only be food, water and shelter.  Unfortunately though, the price of water will be drastically increasing in the near future.  Why would the most abundant and important resource on the planet drastically increase in price though?  At first I had imagined that prices… Read more »

Mackinac Island Property

One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited would be Mackinac Island.  While visiting the island for the first time in the summer of 2011, I was taken back by how amazing everything was.  In my mind, I had expected an island entirely tailored towards tourists.  That couldn’t have been further from the… Read more »

Michigan Home Prices Lowest in 10 Years

Our mitten state of Michigan has unfortunately been one of the hardest places hit when it comes to real estate woes.  Over the past decade, countless Michigan homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure.  While many others face the reality that the value of their home has been drastically reduced.  This is a double-sided event… Read more »