Here we are already into the halfway point of February.  My how time flies when you are having fun.  Now that we have one and half months of data we can start to figure out what is going on in the 2013 housing market.  Are we picking up steam or are we losing ground.  This… Read more »

Changes to the Postal Service | Stamp Prices Rising | No Saturday Mail Delivery

The United State Postal Service has been making some major changes to help reduce their exorbitant losses they have been suffering.  Last year alone the USPS reported losses of 15.9 billion dollars for the fiscal year end on Sept 30th. That amounts to losses of $43,561,643.84 each day of the year!  These losses clearly cannot… Read more »


The Obama Administration is planning to launch yet another mortgage refinance program in the new year. This program is going to target subprime borrowers, who are current on their loans but underwater with these loans, extending government support to the mortgage market to yet another borrower group. The timing raises the question of why this… Read more »


EXPERTS CONCERNED ON WHAT FISCAL CLIFF MEANS FOR MORTGAGR RATES We can’t get through the end of the year without more drama coming from Washington and there more financial market drama.  The talk of the Fiscal Cliff has put shock waves in the markets and caused much uncertainty.  Whenever there is financial uncertainty rates start… Read more »

How to Save with the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction

The average person that files taxes gets between three to four thousand dollars on their income tax returns. If you get less then it is important to figure out all the tips and tricks to rake it in when it comes to April 15th for tax season. One way would be to increase your deductions… Read more »

Tips for Staging your Home to sell Quickly

Before selling your home, one the most important things to do is staging your home. Staging is making your home better looking to the eyes of the homebuyers that will be passing through. Of course you will need to take care of the basics such as cleaning and tidying up the place but also be… Read more »

Michigan First Time Home Buyer Grant | Free $3000 MSHDA Credit for first time home buyers

**This program has expired – please visit No Down Payment Mortgage for other options.** Homebuyer Assistance and HARP Refinance Grant Programs Due to the National Mortgage Settlement, Michigan received $97.2 million for the purpose of creating the Homeowner Protection Fund and has created 2 new programs for the mortgage industry. 1. HOMEBUYER ASSISTANCE – $15 million… Read more »

Top 3 Reasons to Refinance your Mortgage

Are you ready for a change? Are you looking for a reason to refinance your home? Well below is a list of the Top Three Reasons why you should refinance. As your income and lifestyle changes over time it is important to have a home loan that is consistent with your financial situation. 1. Refinance… Read more »