Help for Buying a HomeIf you haven’t seen our previous blog posts regarding tips for first-time homebuyers, here’s what we have reviewed so far. What house you can afford, selecting the right home, finding a real estate agent, loan pre-approval process and bidding on your first home. Be sure to visit all of those articles for some great tips for you first-time homebuyers.  Onto the next step though, which is sorting out your priorities.

Purchasing your very first home can be stressful but also fairly rewarding once it’s finally in your name.  On this trip though, it is imperative to keep your priorities straight.  What I mean is that we all have responsibilities.  All of which require their-own levels of attention to be properly taken care of.  So you have to be sure you don’t get wound up in the game of house hunting and forget to meet your other responsibilities on the way.

Current bills, I’m sure you have plenty without being a homeowner.  Car insurance, maybe rent, phone bill, food, gas, pet food, your job.  All of which almost become second nature to us as we encounter the same bills and the same responsibilities month after month, year after year.  That’s why “high stress” times of your life like marriage and purchasing a home are considered “high stress” events.  Because along the ride you’re so concentrated on the end goal many people forget to pay one measly bill, forget one meeting, something along the way occurs that makes their stress levels skyrocket.  That’s why using outside help could be one of the best things you could possibly do.

Some people don’t think about it but as a buyer you have the right to select a real estate agent to help you along the way.  There is help out there beyond an agent though.  Here at Riverbank Finance, we’re capable of linking you with great local agents and talking with you about any of the stresses setting up your mortgage may bring.  So if you’re a Michigan native looking to purchase your very first home, you can contact one of our loan officers at 1-800-555-2098 or fill out the email form below.

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