Refinance MortgageWhat’s the point in earning money if it just gets thrown towards outrageous bills like that of your mortgage? Well thankfully there is something that is here to help you out. The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Streamline Refinance program has been around for a little while now and it has manifested itself into one of the more popular refinance programs available to American homeowners. It has allowed countless people to get out of underwater situations when it comes to their mortgages and it will allow for many others to save even more money. The reason why even more homeowners will be able to take advantage of the program is because it is undergoing a massive change on June 11th.

There is a huge array of details available regarding the new revisions to the program that we previously covered. To keep things severely simple, an insane amount of homeowners will now be able to refinance their current mortgage rates to those new, record low rates of today’s housing market. If you have yet to refinance, and I’m not sure why you haven’t, then right now is the perfect time to do so. What exactly is required on your part though? Honestly, not much is required of you at all. All you need to do is call one of our licensed loan officers at 1-800-555-2098. Otherwise you can fill out the contact form before.

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