Category: Mortgage Tips

Bank Settlement Becoming a Nightmare

Remember that massive $26 billion bank settlement that homeowners long rejoiced about?  The one that brought homeowners that were facing potential foreclosure a bit of salvation?  Yeah well it’s not quite what it’s cracked up to be. When the huge settlement between some of the nation’s largest banks was announced, people expected to receive major… Read more »

Best Neighborhoods for Real Estate in Grand Rapids

It’s great to hear that the housing market is slowly improving but what are you going to believe more; what you hear or what you see?  Most people would say that they would like to see actual changes occur like the price of their property improve and to see their real estate actually sell.  Well… Read more »

Bidding on Your First Home

We recently covered the importance of selecting a real estate agent and becoming pre-approved for a loan.  The next step is to place a bid on the house you’d like to call “home.”  There are some things you need to first consider before making a bid, as you want to be sure you make an… Read more »

What House Can You Afford?

First-time home-buyers encounter an onslaught of hurdles before they reserve the right to say they truly are home-owners. That is why Riverbank Finance is introducing a new blog series to explain what you can do in-order to prepare yourself for purchasing your first home. Enough jib-jab though. Let’s jump right into things with our very… Read more »